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About Us

International Cultural Association

For the purpose of "friendship and good relations with all nations" through international exchanges, we have established this association that was approved as a corporation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Cultural Exchange) in April 1969.
Since then, we have developed a wide range of exchanges under the slogans "for world peace through mutual understanding" and "correct understanding of Japan in the international community" as an international business contribution. At the International Cultural Association, we promote business appropriate for the internationalized society of the 21st century, and continue to actively expand the scope of international exchange, so that from now on we can contribute to the PR of Japan even more and have an even bigger mutual understanding with the world.

Main Business of the International Cultural Association

  • International Exchange Program
    Collect and transmit Japanese culture and foreign culture to the world
    Support international exchange program for youth and international students
    Support international exchange activities
    Educate and empower woman through activitiesv Social Action Project
    Miss International and Miss International Japan
  • Activities
    Charity activities of the "Miss International Foundation"
    Environmental beautification activities of the region by the "Goodwill Ambassador of Green"
    Implementation of the "Boston Cherry Tree / Memorial Tree Planting"
  • Other Businesses
    Audiovisual and publishing business
    Sports Exchange Program
    Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association
International Cultural Association