Miss International Beauty Pageant 2023

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Oct23 2019

Supporting women's challenges into the future
The 59th Miss International World Pageant contestants of each country visit Japan
Goodwill activities begin on Saturday, October 26, 2019

Japan Inter Culture Foundation (Location: Chuo-ku, Chairman: Akemi Shimomura) in preparation for the 59th Miss International World Pageant, one of the world's three largest beauty pageants, begins goodwill activities from October 26, 2019 (Sat).

The “Miss International Beauty Pageant” (hereinafter “Miss International”) is one of the world's largest three beauty pageants, along with Miss World and Miss Universe. It began in 1960 and celebrates its 59th anniversary this year. Miss International features not only beauty, but also beautiful women from around the globe who are highly motivated to contribute to the international community, such as international goodwill and world peace, and deepen international relations as a "goodwill ambassador of beauty and peace".

Beautiful women representing 85 countries and regions perform various goodwill activities including experiencing Japanese culture such as flower arrangements and tea ceremony, interacting with students and participating in charity events on the following dates.

* The photo is from the 58th Pageant

■ Goodwill schedule(see
Please contact the secretariat if you wish to cover any of the goodwill activities.

■ About “Miss International”
Miss International, officially called “Miss International Beauty Pageant”, started in the United States in 1960. Although it was held in the United States for the first seven years, the right to hold the event was transferred to Japan in commemoration of the Japan World Exposition (1970 / Osaka). The world pageant where representatives of each country wishing for international peace gather as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace” is held every year with a purpose to broadcast "prayers for peace" and the beauty of Japan to many countries around the globe. Also, Miss International conducts international exchange activities at the individual level. Through social contribution activities such as “Greening Promotion Campaign” and “Miss International Forum” as well as “Charity Events”, we are deepening friendship and goodwill between Japan and the rest of the world. “Miss International” official website: https://www.miss-international.org/jp/

■ About the "Japan Inter Culture Foundation”
In April 1969, the Japan Inter Culture Foundation was authorized and established as an external organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cultural Exchange Department) for the purpose of "friendship and goodwill with countries around the world" through the exchange of world culture and art. Since then, as an international contribution project, we have been developing a wide range of interchange of people based on the slogans of "realizing world peace through mutual understanding" and "correct understanding of Japan in the international community."