Miss International Beauty Pageant 2023

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Oct30 2019

83 of the world's most beautiful women from each country and region will appear in their national costumes!
The 59th Miss International Beauty Pageant Press Conference in Japan

The Japan Inter Culture Foundation (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Chairperson: Akemi Shimomura) held a press conference on October 28 (Mon) , 2019 where 83 contestants from "The 59th Miss International Beauty Pageant" gathered all at once.

The "Miss International Beauty Pageant" (hereinafter "Miss International") is one of the world's three largest beauty pageants, along with Miss World and Miss Universe. It started in 1960 and celebrates its 59th anniversary this year. The characteristic of Miss International is that it features beautiful and highly motivated women who want to contribute to the international community, such as international goodwill and world peace.

The press conference included an overview of the Miss International Beauty Pageant, an introduction of this year's schedule, an introduction to the pageant contestants, an appointment ceremony for the Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador, the W Ribbon Presentation Ceremony (Cabinet Office), greetings from last year's winners, a photo session, and a vote on the “Best National Costume Award” by participating media.


-Tomomi Okada, appearing in a wedding dress style kimono
Tomomi Okada, the representative of the 2019 Miss International Japan, appeared in a golden garment style kimono designed by Uno Kanda, with hair ornament of white hydrangea and lily.
Tomomi Okada's father was the late Masumi Okada who had been hosting the pageant for a long time, and this outfit includes her desire to show him as a bride to her father in heaven.


● Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador Appointment Ceremony
Hiroshi Tabata, Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
“These two years are special for Japan. First, this year, the Rugby World Cup is being held in 12 cities in Japan. It is attracting a lot of attention as it is the first time to be held in Asia. Next year, The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will also be held, and as a special “Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador” of this special year, we would like all of the "Miss" contestants to enjoy Japan and spread the surprise and excitement that they experienced during their stay, along with their beautiful smiles.”


● W (double) Ribbon Presentation Ceremony
Seiko Hashimoto, Minister of State for Special Missions (co-participation by males and females)
“Violence against women is a serious violation of human rights and is never allowed. Every year, we work harder to eradicate violence against women, and hold intensive campaigns for two weeks from November 12-25. During their one-month stay in Japan, all of the "Miss" contestants will wear a W ribbon that combines a purple ribbon symbolizing  the eradication of all violence against women and an orange ribbon symbolizing the prevention of child abuse. I would like this to be an opportunity to send a strong message to the whole world saying, “Let's eradicate violence against women and children”. "


■ The 59th Miss International World Pageant

●Name The 59th Miss International Beauty Pageant
●Date November 12, 2019 (Tue) 14: 00-18: 00
●Venue Tokyo Dome City Hall (1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
●Organizer Japan Inter Culture Foundation
●Host Mr. Tetsuya Bessho
●Performer 83 representatives of each country and region for the 2019 Miss International
●Judges Svetlana Tatiana IOSIPER, Her Excellency (Romanian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to Japan)
Supapan Pichaironarongsongkram (Chairman of Chaophraya Express Boat)
Dewi Sukarno (Socialist)
Reiko Yukawa (music critic / lyricist)
Tateru Yoshino (Restaurant Tateru Yoshino Partner Chef)
Junko Koshino (fashion designer)
Ikuko Kawai (violinist / composer)
Katsuya Takasu (Director of Takasu Clinic)
Jiang Xiaosong (Chairman of Boao Holdings)
Sojitsu Kobori (The Enshu Tea Ceremony School, the 13th Head Family Munemi)
Okuhira Seiryo (Ishibashi-style Flower Arrangement Head Family )
Dr. Leon (President, International Professional Standards Network)
Mariem Velasco (2019 Miss International (Venezuela)
Akemi Shimomura (President, Japan Inter Culture Foundation) *Tentative
●Contents Swimsuit, dress screening, Miss Five Continents announcement, speech judgement, give each of these titles to
one of the 83 contestants of the pageant
● Miss International (1st - 5th Place)
● Miss Five Continents (Asia / Africa / America / Oceania / Europe)
● Special Award (Best National Costume / Best in Swimsuit / Best in Evening Gown / Miss Photogenic)
●Cooperation Esthetic Miss Paris / Miss Paris Group / JTB Corp./Takasu Clinic / Panasonic Corporation / Hikari TV (NTT Plala Inc.) / Arte Salon Holdings, Inc./Wave Corporation Inc./NSG Group (Niigata Sougo Gakuin Institution.) / K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd./Mikimoto Pearl Island / MIRAIZ (Eishin Group) / Tobu Railway Co., Ltd./Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./Body Make Studio CharmBody / Aloha Salad (Horimasa Co., Ltd.) / Rice Force (Im Co., Ltd.) / JTB Communication Design, Inc. / Hibino Media Technical Corporation / Iseed Co., Ltd. / Taisei Corporation * Random order
●Support Cabinet Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO),
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan New Business Conference Associations,
The Tokyo New Business Conference * Random order

■ About “Miss International”
Miss International, officially called “Miss International Beauty Pageant”, started in the United States in 1960. Although it was held in the United States for the first seven years, the right to hold the event was transferred to Japan in commemoration of the Japan World Exposition (1970 / Osaka). The world pageant where representatives of each country wishing for international peace gather as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace” is held every year with a purpose to broadcast "prayers for peace" and the beauty of Japan to many countries around the globe. Also, Miss International conducts international exchange activities at the individual level. Through social contribution activities such as “Greening Promotion Campaign” and “Miss International Forum” as well as “Charity Events”, we are deepening friendship and goodwill between Japan and the rest of the world. “Miss International” official website: https://www.miss-international.org/jp/

■ About the "Japan Inter Culture Foundation”
In April 1969, the Japan Inter Culture Foundation was authorized and established as an external organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cultural Exchange Department) for the purpose of "friendship and goodwill with countries around the world" through the exchange of world culture and art. Since then, as an international contribution project, we have been developing a wide range of interchange of people based on the slogans of "realizing world peace through mutual understanding" and "correct understanding of Japan in the international community."