Miss International Beauty Pageant 2023

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Nov12 2019

<2019 Miss International Beauty Pageant>
Miss Thailand Sireethorn Leearamwat is the Miss International 2019 winner!

The Japan Inter Culture Foundation (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairperson: Akemi Shimomura) announces hosting the 2019 Miss International Beauty Pageant, one of the world's three largest beauty pageants, on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 where Miss Thailand Sireethorn Leearamwat is crowned the winner.

Sireethorn Leearamwat was born in 1993 and is a 25-year-old pharmacist.
Besides her external beauty, her active participation and positive attitude with her smile during friendship activities around Japan before the pageant, and her continuous positive influence on the surroundings around her won her high appraisal. The fact that she was chosen as Miss International Asia, one of the Miss Five Continents voted by other Miss contestants, shows that she was highly praised by not only the judges, but also by the other Miss contestants.
The "Miss International Beauty Pageant" (hereinafter "Miss International") is one of the world's three largest beauty pageants, along with Miss World and Miss Universe. It started in 1960 and celebrates its 59th anniversary this year. The aim is to deepen exchanges among beautiful and high-willed women who want to contribute to the international community, such as international friendship and world peace.

At the “2019 Miss International Beauty Pageant”, the Miss contestants gathered from 82 countries and regions underwent a national costume, swimsuit and dress competition, where 15 finalists were selected, followed by a walking competition where 8 finalists were chosen. After the speech competition, the top 5 including “2019 Miss International” were decided.

■ Winner's comments
I have always wanted to change myself in my life and have worked hard to achieve that goal. This is the foundation of all actions in my life.
This award was not something I could have achieved alone. I am proud of the people and nation that have supported me. I don't think I could have won this award without the help of my friends in Thailand.
The words aren't coming out smoothly, but I'm really happy that I won.
There is one last thing I want to tell you. That is, I wish for all women in the world to have dreams and work hard toward that dream. I would like to say that your dreams will come true.
Thank you very much for today.

2019 Miss International
Miss Sireethorn Leearamwat
(Miss Thailand)


■ Winners of the “2019 Miss International Beauty Pageant”
● 2019 Miss International (Winner) Miss Sireethorn Leearamwat (25 years old, Miss Thailand)
● 2019 Miss International (1st Runner up) Andrea Toscano (20 years old, Miss Mexico)
● 2019 Miss International (2nd Runner up) Evelyn Namatovu (23 years old, Miss Uganda)
● 2019 Miss International (3rd Runner up) Maria Alejandra Vengoechea (21 years old, Miss Colombia)
● 2019 Miss International (4th Runner up) Miss Harriotte Lane (18 years old, Miss United Kingdom)

Image on right: From the left, Miss Maria Alejandra Vengoechea
Miss Andrea Toscano, Miss Sireethorn Leearamwat,
Miss Evelyn Namatovu, Miss Harriotte Lane



■ "2019 Miss International Beauty Pageant" Miss Five Continents
● Miss International Asia Sireethorn Leearamwat (25 years old, Miss Thailand)
● Miss International America Maria Jose Tula Barbis Porto Carrero (23 years old, Miss Peru)
● Miss International Europe Elize Joanne de Jong (24 years old, Miss Netherlands)
● Miss International Africa Naomi Nucia Glay (25 years old, Miss Liberia)
● Miss International Oceanian Raquel Basco (25 years old, Miss Hawaii)

■ Miss International Special Award
● Best National Costume Nguyen Tuong San (19 years old, Miss Vietnam)
● Best in Swimsuit Evelyn Namatovu (23 years old, Miss Uganda)
● Best Evening Gown Melissa Jimenez (20 years old, Miss Venezuela)
● Miss Photogenic Noēmie Milne (21 years old, Miss Guadalupe)

*Ages as of November 12, 2019 (Tuesday).


■ About “Miss International”
Miss International, officially called “Miss International Beauty Pageant”, started in the United States in 1960. Although it was held in the United States for the first seven years, the right to hold the event was transferred to Japan in commemoration of the Japan World Exposition (1970 / Osaka). The world pageant where representatives of each country wishing for international peace gather as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace” is held every year with a purpose to broadcast "prayers for peace" and the beauty of Japan to many countries around the globe. Also, Miss International conducts international exchange activities at the individual level. Through social contribution activities such as “Greening Promotion Campaign” and “Miss International Forum” as well as “Charity Events”, we are deepening friendship and goodwill between Japan and the rest of the world. “Miss International” official website: https://www.miss-international.org/jp/

■ About the "Japan Inter Culture Foundation”
In April 1969, the Japan Inter Culture Foundation was authorized and established as an external organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cultural Exchange Department) for the purpose of "friendship and goodwill with countries around the world" through the exchange of world culture and art. Since then, as an international contribution project, we have been developing a wide range of interchange of people based on the slogans of "realizing world peace through mutual understanding" and "correct understanding of Japan in the international community."